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How can Joe help you?

Do you already exercise but aren’t achieving the results you’d hoped for or are lacking in motivation? You may have a holiday booked or a big family event coming up that you want to look better for. Do you dislike the gym or feel uncomfortable exercising in front of other people? Or maybe you just want to feel fitter and improve your current health. I can have a look at your current exercise and eating and let you know where the changes need to be made. I can set realistic goals for you and make your workouts more enjoyable and effective so that you can start seeing the results sooner. I have all the equipment and knowledge needed to help you make the necessary changes and I will monitor your progress on a regular basis and be there every step of the way to help motivate and encourage you.

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There are several reasons why you should consider having a personal trainer:


Benefit your health and wellbeing


Improve your lifestyle


Motivate you


Improve your healthy eating


One on One attention


Challenge you and set higher limits than you normally would on your own


Maximise the effectiveness of your workouts


Supervision to ensure the exercises are being done correctly and safely

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Equipment and Training Techniques

I have a wide range of equipment available to ensure that you get a variety of exercises during your workouts and will never get bored with the same routines.

Kettle Bells – 2.5kg – 16kg

Core strengthening and all over body workout using multi muscle groups

Dumbbells – 2.5kg – 20kg

For compound and Isolation exercises. Ensuring you work both sides evenly.

Barbell – 8kg – 60kg

Compound movements, using multiple muscle groups with one movement. E.g. squats, deadlifts

Medicine Balls – 3kg – 5kg

Alternative to traditional weights

Swiss Balls

I have 2 sizes to suit different heights. Good for core and balance which is essential to help gain strength and improve working on other areas.

Bosu Board

Strengthens Core and stabilizer muscles (feet, ankles and knee joints) – great for improving balance

Weight Bench

For use with Barbell and weight training (chest press etc.)


Cardio training including weight loss, stamina and speed

Exercise Bike

Cardio training, weight loss and strengthens the legs

Mats & Floor Space

Abdominal training & flexibility as well as stretching

Bungee Chords

Resistance training

Step Boxes

Alternative cardio, giving the option of a varied cardio workout which can also include weights

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Joe is always happy to answer any queries you may have or to advise you on which training options would suit you best. To get in touch and receive your FREE 30 minute training consultation please get in touch.